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The little figure of an owl is NewRetroMade modern illustration of wooden animal figures.

The owls have been always famous for their wise appearance with their intelligent eyes glowing and staring so intensely. That is why it can be a perfect gift for some students or graduates.

 Unlike us humans, owls are nocturnal and prefer to stay awake and be active at night, so a person who enjoys staying up late at night is often amusingly called a night owl! Why not to give the wooden sculpture though to your nocturnal friend? 

According to Feng-shui the owl is a time honoured emblem of Intelligence, protection and the secrets holder. With “Whooooooo” totem around your family home, apparently you can achieve a strong protection against evil and it can bring good luck and happiness.

It is commonly believed that keeping an owl figure in your home enhances positive energy and good vibes. 

Place the owl exactly where you want to increase money flow, so it can ornament your shop, company or your desk in the office. Put it in your waiting room to attract more clients. No one would reject that.

If you have been drawn to owls, go ahead and surround yourself with them, if you have not been yet, just try one. Bring a bit of nature  inside your interiors by owning an oak or pine made bird. A bulbous little figure with wide oversized eyes and curious look can be as cute as a toy or a cartoon character at your shelf. Just the ideal Christmas gift  as the companion to sit at your desk, inspiring your inner wisdom and assisting with wise decisions.

Owl wooden figure for personal gift, cute wooden animal

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